Care Instructions:

Store in a clean and dry environment. Keep away from oils, body lotions, perfumes and/or water.

BRASS EARRINGS: Like all metals, brass will naturally tarnish. All brass order come with a polishing cloth. Simply wipe your earrings with the polishing cloth if it begins to tarnish. If tarnish continues, you can get creative and mix a little bit of water with baking soda until a paste forms and clean using a q-tip.

ACRYLIC EARRINGS: If you acrylic earrings get dirty or have finger marks, wet a towel with a little warm water and wipe off. Try not to get water on the earrings. 


Processing time and Shipping: 

All orders are processed between 5-10 days. All pieces are made to order and since I am a one woman show, it takes some time for me to make, package and ship your order.

Shipping is based on your location but you can expect it to take between 2-3 days after I have dropped your package off at USPS.


Oops I entered the wrong shipping address!

Please message/email me ASAP so we can correct! Since processing time is between 5-10 days, I might be able to fix it. However, once it has shipped it is out of my control and it is your responsibility. BUT I will try to do everything in my power to fix the error.


Can I return or exchange my earrings?

I do not accept returns. However, I will replace your earrings if it arrives damaged. Otherwise I will not accept exchanges after it has been worn. Please message me if you have any questions regarding exchanges so we can find a solution for you! I want to make sure you are happy with your earrings


Are your earrings heavy?

No! Both acrylic is lightweight and durable. Although some earrings might look chunky or big, they will not weigh your earlobes down. Brass is also lightweight and the heaviest earring weighs around 1.2 oz, which is barely anything. You might forget you are wearing earrings!